Stephanie Taylor

Sacramento, California

I am an artist & writer with an insatiable curiosity- about location and landscape and how people relate to each other and their environment. A freelance Op-Ed contributor to the Sacramento Bee, with a series called, "California Sketches," short form essays and paintings. I explore California looking for issues I know nothing about. I began my career in advertising art direction in LA. This ignited a fascination with large scale images in the urban environment. After graduating from UCLA in history, I started a business making murals and paintings on commission for public places- and I've never stopped. Projects include global institutions like Disney, Hilton and private collectors, across US and in Paris. I am a visual historian, with an emphasis on California issues and location. I maintained an annual fine art exhibition schedule until 2008. As an energetic maker, never comfortable with comfort, I returned to school and received a masters in sculpture in 2006. I make stuff in cement, steel, ceramics- anything and anywhere. My compulsive passion for books and writing swells, along with a life long interest in life sciences. I'm working on several concepts, including one on water: essays and paintings.

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