St Basils Homes

Aged Care Services in Lakemba NSW, Australia

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St Basils Homes is Australia's best facilitator of quality aged care services. Our objective is to provide exhaustive in-home care to older people as they go through any severe illnesses by making a caring surrounding around them. While framing nursing care service & community services, we extend our services to old age individuals facing health challenges by providing quality aged care services that are linguistically and culturally appropriate with an exceptional level of a loving and caring environment with the preservation of their dignity, self-respect and rights. In which their total needs are met with the help of medical expertise in their hard times. At St Basils Homes we identify every resident requires to enhance their quality of life and daily experiences with unique health care services that are tailored uniquely for them, where we address their aged care needs which set us apart from different home care service providers in Randwick, Miranda, Kogarah, Lakemba, Annandale cities of Australia.

Company Overview:

Founded in 1957 St Basils Homes is a part of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia and aims to provide the best possible quality aged care services within a culturally appropriate environment that enhances the dignity, independent living and quality aged care services to all of its residents in its nursing care or retirement homes. St Basils Homes is one of Australia’s top providers in aged care at home for individuals with illnesses or requires someone who can take care of them. St Basils Homes provide top-notch, comprehensive luxurious nursing home care services across the various cities of Australia.