I prefer going by hawke or hawkesfor now.

I'm literally just "what is gender" right now, so...I can't put a label on it. I'm still just...I don't know. Something.

Aroace, so please don't say things to me like "Wow, I would totally fuck you" or anything related to that. It makes me uncomfortable. That, and I'd greatly appreciate it if we're mutuals that you tag sexual things "NSFW" just so I can prepare myself, you know?

I'm part of many, many fandoms, but I've delved deeper into Dragon Age, and Assassin's Creed (kinda). I talk about other things too, though.

Just fyi before getting into any Dragon Age discussions:


the chantry is honestly whatever

i don't hate DA2, but it's, uh...kinda my least favorite out of the series. so i don't talk about it much. [absolute favorite is DA:O]

sera is /not/ crazy or practically 5 or 12 or whatever you say

anders is not crazy either

justice is NOT an abomination when it comes to being with anders nor is he a demon

hate cullen all you want he's not exactly my cup of tea all the time either but damn...that cullen

oh anders was right pretty much, because meredith would've still done what she did either way, okay?

merrill did some bad shit but for the right reasons

aaand if you use bi sera/bi dorian mods you can honestly gtfo far away from me :)

[If you disagree with any of those things above, good to know; we might not get along. Or we'll have to never discuss anything related to certain subjects like those.]

If you ever want to talk about aus, headcanons, or are really chill with OCs, then we might just become great friends or cool buds in general.

(that's all i got for now i guess)