STC Direct Philly

Marketing and Sales in King of Prussia, PA

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After many demands from clients, STC Direct Philly opened its doors in Philadelphia, PA, May 2012. We work with large corporations and retail consumers, acting as liaisons between them and their attempts to expand market reach!

At STC Direct Philly, we value integrity and authenticity. For our clients, we deliver consistent results the right way. That means treating each customer with respect despite their buying decision. We pride ourselves on our ability to acquire long-term customers for our clients, not just impulse buyers. We do so by developing personal relationships face-to-face.

STC Direct Philly’s team is motivated and ambitious. We know that growth for our clients means growth for STC Direct Philly. To internally motivate our team, CEO, Justin Sgro, offers 100% internal advancement opportunities. That means, as STC Direct Philly expands, we only promote our own team members into leadership and management positions. Furthermore, as we are completely invested in our company and team’s success, promotions are given based on merit.

STC Direct Philly Reviews:

1. Sales Training: Teaching everything from how to pitch a product/service to objections and how to overcome common communication blunders.

2. Leadership Coaching: A team can only be as strong as our weakest link, so we look to develop every single member into a leader where they work with autonomy and accountability.

3. Direct Marketing: Companies who have stellar products that need help reaching their customers on a personal face to face level work with us because we specialize in effective and genuine conversations and can ensure that the customers we bring our clients will be long-term.

We love seeking new challenges and raising the bar. We celebrate victories along the way and always seek for improvement. Having fun with who you work with and what you do are some of our core methods and values.