Brad Ramey

Student in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Brad Ramey

Student in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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»Some Things to know about me«

I am 16 years old and I'm currently in my Sophomore year of HS

I run a few other accounts(Including my personal) which are @hoeworldgems , @pearlisshook , @fusedtogetherforever and @brcdddd

I'm literally the gayest gay you'll ever meet

I'm currently single (Honestly whats romance?)

I'm a "photographer" and video/photo editor

»Some handy stuff to know about my account«

I originally started this account December 26th 2014, as my personal. And then switched it to a FA September 26th 2015.

I was originally a Walking Dead account, and switched fandoms only recently.

Everything I post IS mine unless stated in the caption

I usually put the song I used in the caption, if I have not. Just DM me and i'll reply. Don't spam my feed please.

I usually followback SU accounts(and sometimes other fandom accounts), that being said. I will also unfollowback. If you only followed my account to get another follow. Then i'll unfollow.