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STDAware Los Angeles

1127 Wilshire Blvd Ste 210

Los Angeles, CA 90017

(323) 503-4597 has created the very best online solution for Sexually Transmitted Disease testing on the market. We've worked relentlessly over the years to create connections with labs all across the greater Los Angeles area so you, the individual, can have versatile choices in terms of where and when you get STI testing. We know you're active as well as commonly our sexual health and wellness is among the last points we think of in our day to day, but unfortunately guaranteeing that we are sexually healthy and balanced is among the most essential things we should do in our grown-up life.

Our electronic office enables you to order your laboratory tests from the convenience of your home as well as decide on a location that's right for you, whether it be down the street from your residence or across the street from your workplace-- just choose your screening kit, pick your location as well as swing by at any time throughout the day with your test order form. Our assistants will certainly be ready for you and also testing often takes less than 30 minutes, no appointment necessary.

We take your sexual wellness seriously: all of our laboratories are checked and also kept in top medical condition. We value your right to privacy as well as put our reputation behind our service