Steakhouse Inc

Is there a fonder childhood memory than the morning visit of the milk man? For those who thought those types of services were gone, Steakhouse Inc. brings good news. Not milk, but meat can be delivered to the door. It is only a phone call or internet order away. Steakhouse Inc. drivers also make cold calls, so don't be surprised if your local meat delivery service stops by your home to inquire.

A Freezer Full of Meat

Another fond childhood memory is the abundance of steaks, hamburger meat and other great foods in the freezer. A well stocked freezer was the pride of many middle class and farm families. It can be this way again. Steakhouse customers can qualify for a free freezer.

Vacuum Packed

This USDA inspected restaurant grade meat is vacuum sealed for maximum freezer life. This means that the meat will store in the freezer for at least a year without sacrificing quality. Vacuum packaging and flash freezing keep meat very fresh. It never tastes frozen. Clients can choose to eat their purchases now or save them for another occasion months away.

All Types of Meat

Clients can choose from beef, pork chicken or seafood packages. There are a lot of different cuts of beef and pork as well as a wide variety of seafood. Pre-seasoned chicken breasts in a variety of flavors are also a favorite.

• Shrimp
• Crab legs
• Snow Crab Legs
• Lobster Tails
• Catfish
• Tilapia
• Flounder
• Haddock
• Snapper
• Scallops
• Breaded Shrimp

Stocking Up

Freezing is a great way to save money, buy on sale or prepare for a rainy day. Banks aren't the only way to save up. A freezer full of food is in many ways better than money in the bank. With prices rising every day, a freezer full of food is a great investment. Why shop week to week when you can save with a freezer.

One Year Price Guarantee

Steakhouse Inc. prices are locked in for a full year. Clients enjoy significant discounts on the best quality restaurant grade meats. Enjoying steakhouse quality food at home can be just as much fun as going out, at spectacular savings.