Amy Owens

Hi! My name is Amy Owens. I have had a lot of professions in my life but I have always fallen back to my true love, PHOTOGRAPHY. Ive had a lot of heartache in my life and have gotten distracted from it at times. But, I just cant shake seeing things everyday and wishing I had my camera. I call my photography "business" Stealing Time Photography, because that's what I am trying to accomplish, to steal time. I feel that every picture is unique and there can only be one, every one is an original. Each picture will never have the same lighting, the same expression or feeling. Its fleeting. Whether I make a million at this or not , I don't care. I'm happiest when I'm expressing my love of photography. I don't have the fanciest camera or the fanciest computer. But , I feel, a true photography doesn't need all that.