Andre Stechert

Brooklyn, NY

I've grown my own mushrooms. I've programmed a robot army. I almost severed my femoral artery with a pair of vice grips. I've probably been knocked unconscious about a dozen times by various means. I hyperventilate under extreme stress. I'd like to be a better foosball player, but have a hard time finding people to play with. I can make bubbles that are six feet long and often do at kid's parties. I used to play pool 8 hours a day. I was a junior SEAL in NJROTC, color guard commander, and member of a drill team with arms in high school. I managed to get a nonzero score on the Putnam exam. I've been in 3 startups, 1 of which was an outright failure. I've shot shotguns, 2 kinds of handguns (Sig Sauer and Glock), 22's, and M16's. I've lived with 3 cats (Pepper, Nutmeg, and Charlie) and dozens of dogs (Smacky, Smoky, Noynoy, Changnoy, Pooky, Babby, Ivan, etc.). I have 4 sisters. Everyone in my family except me and my stepsister Gina has been divorced. Chili and rice is one of my favorite foods. I'm 5/16 German, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Japanese, 1/16 English, 1/16 Irish, and 1/16 unknown. I'm humbled to be alive now – these are probably the most amazing years humanity will ever know.