Steel City Bhangra

Forged by steel in the City of Champions, Steel City Bhangra brings a unique personality and fiery passion to every performance.

Steel City Bhangra's mission is to preserve and promote the punjabi folk dance called Bhangra in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and all across North America in exhibitions and competitions.

Steel City Bhangra is the University of Pittsburgh's Premier Bhangra Team. Established in the Fall of 2005, Steel City Bhangra brings passion and love to every performance by presenting the punjabi folk dance called Bhangra.

Steel City Bhangra is a competitive bhangra team, but we embrace any person who is interested in learning, regardless of skill level. Although we represent the University of Pittsburgh, we have and have had team members from many universities in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. If you are interested in being a part of a wonderful organization, please contact us!