Lynette Steele

Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

I embrace both the art and science of medicine which allows me to offer my services as an integrative medical doctor in a unique way.

My focus is to restore and support health on all levels which becomes possible if we respect the body’s innate ability to heal itself. This might mean a change in lifestyle, habit or belief that can be supported with treatments and natural medicine that help the body to heal.

Therefore, when you walk into my practice, don't expect the normal doctor's office. I mindfully and purposefully created a space where you can feel safe to share your story. We create a partnership where my expertise, experience and knowledge, combined with your willingness to take responsibility for your own health, create the possibility for healing.

What excites me tremendously is that a new model of health and medicine is emerging. At this time, we need to change the stories about ourselves and start waking up to a new possibility of health and wellness or ‘wholeness’. All it asks is the willingness to step into a place of possibility and a conscious participation in the next evolution of health care.

  • Work
    • Integrative Medical Doctor
  • Education
    • MBChB, Dip Acup, ThD