Steelhorse Law

Motorcyclists may feel at times as if they have few or inferior options for legal representation in injury or insurance cases. Steelhorse Law’s attorneys, such as George Stein, offer an alternative to traditional legal representation. The Steelhorse Law practice features a team who cares about the lives and situations of bikers, since many of the lawyers also ride. George Stein has been riding motorcycles for a quarter century, and for the last two decades, he has focused on bringing legal representation to the biker community that understands the biking world, the members’ outlook, and the challenges they may face. When riders accept Steelhorse Law representation, they receive a level of service and understanding that often exceeds their expectations.

Riders who receive one of Steelhorse Law's Rider's Advantage Cards may enjoy a number of services provided at no charge. For example, if a cardholder and his or her motorcycle are damaged in an accident, and the client did not cause the incident, then the attorneys will take the case for free. Additionally, the lawyers will hold charity rides for cardholders to support them in their recoveries from injuries sustained in accidents. The Steelhorse Law practice goes to these lengths to protect members of the motorcycling community.

The distinctive focus and understanding that Steelhorse Law offers in matters against insurance companies and in legal proceedings gives the firm an edge. The firm's attorneys hold close familiarity with laws relevant to bikers and know how to negotiate with insurance companies to produce the greatest payouts for clients. The practice’s lawyers operate to allow clients to take their minds off of the potentially stressful prospects of legal battles and concentrate solely on recoveries.