Jose Gonzalez

What’s up to all that care, My name is Jose Gonzalez, I’m also known as ROYAL-T to the tagging world, in the 90’s I was known as J-PROPHET within the Underground House Movement and The Club scene in L.A. and the I.E., and now I am know known as STEELO to most. “STEELO” is slang for style, so get it right!!!! I was born in MEXICO and Raised in L.A. for most of my life and then moved to the I.E. in 1992. I married in 1998 the greatest woman in the world (IRENE), she gave me the reason to try, want, desire, believe, and understand what life is all about. I have a younger brother and two sisters, my sister (GINA) is one of few people that I admire in this world because of her strength and how she has always shown me that she can handle herself if the shit hits the fan, Stay strong lil sis and don't forget that I've got your back!!!! With my L.A. family and my I.E. family I've got it all!!! That means friends too, I aint shit without you all!!!!!! Now in the last three years I’ve gotten into music even more. Myself along with my boy DJ Abstract, and just for fun we started a YouTube channel, it’s called "The Abstract Steelo Show", and it has given us more opportunities than we ever thought. We also have big plans for the future with the help of the DJ community.