phi ✨👑💛

Photographer in Nevada

phi ✨👑💛

Photographer in Nevada

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my name is nymphia!! i'm 15 and i'm a cis-female

💓 "

i have IDs and don't mind if you follow and share them (except for a few), but i'll list them in case it makes you or a friend uncomfortable:

(in order of importance)

ーmakoto naegi : danganronpa (don't follow if you kin)

ーnozomi tojo : love live! school idol project (don't follow if you kin)

ーema skye : ace attorney

ーfumika kodama : yo-kai watch

ーplatinum/dawn : pokemon

ーtatsumiya : watgbs

ーprincess bubblegum : adventure time


my active interest is pokemon and danganronpa (thh) right now, so feel free to talk to me about that!

i also delete my posts often because i like having my feed clean