Shannyn Steel

Hi, I'm Shannyn,

I am an educator and spiritual life coach. I aspire to assist men and women who, while living in the real and very modern world, wish to reconnect with their spiritual essence. My intention is to help you find your own form of spiritual practice that will deeply satisfy the yearning, the craving for that missing link in our modern lifestyle without the formality of structured religion but not at odds with it either.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can assist you, contact me via email at

One of the most awkward things for me to do is introduce myself. I guess much of this comes from having two very different sides to my personality. On the one hand I am a home body and love nothing more than pottering around the house creating little spaces of peace and beauty. I am an avid reader with a passion for the written word who also enjoys baking. I could spend hours cardmaking and creating little bits and pieces. I also enjoy exploring the metaphysical and have established a daily meditation and yoga practice.

The other side of me enjoys exploring the world. I love to travel and find being in nature a great source of peace. I love to hike. I have explored our great national parks here in Australia. Some of my favourite walks are in the Blue Mountians near Blackheath and Katoomba. I have hiked, treked, tramped in England, Scotland, France, New Zealand, Canada and am soon to explore the widerness areas of Tasmania. As well as drawing great strength from being in the bush and the "great outdoors" I also gain great energy and peace by the sea. Nothing recharges my batteries like an hour walk on one of our gorgeous east coast beaches.

I find inspiration in the most unlikely places at times. It was these little pockets of inspiration and a desire to write that led me to create my blog. I know one should have a theme for a blog; perhaps mine will evolve as I explore, muse and share my ramblings.