zay steens

Student, Artist, and Musician in Anna, Texas

back in then day i used to be a bad kid i got expelled from denison for fight then i moved to anna and was put in iss every other day like i was pretty bad and i put the school in a lockdown for fighting. it was really bad i been in about 12 fights i won about 11 one time me Trent and jimmy jumped Alec kyle in the bathroom then my dad caught us and whoop all of us i have came a long way

now that im in high school i dont fight im not disrespect to teachers i try to be a leader now and play football. im also in students leadership i help out my town and i get ok grades .

in the future in see myself going to school and get my history mastor and become a coach to start at a high school and work my way up i hope i can take it all the way to the nfl