Stefan Blom

Today I'm excited, today I'm hungry, today I'm happy, today I can help others, today I truly believe that my best days are yet to come.

But that hasn't and wasn't the truth for me only a year ago. At this time a year ago I was tired and fed up, was this the life I was supposed to live? Totally busting my ass off for someone else? Not have the time I wanted or the money I needed to give my family vacations and weekends they deserve.

In december 2014 I got real sick, and for the first time in 26 years I was supposed to be on vacation both over Christmas and the new year. I had planed to be with my family but instead I was sick with fever and sleeping all the time. In January I got to know that I had pneumonia in both my lungs. In the end of Mars I got back to work only to hit the wall real hard in June. The pneumonia was my body way to tell me to slow down, but I didn't listen to my body at that time, so then my head told me to stop.

Now this is getting boring so lets jump to the fun, a friend of mine showed me an opportunity in the summer 2014, I thanked him and said that network marketing wasn't for me. I believed at that time that it was a scam.

Today I now know better, much better.

Not only that network marketing is huge, but that there are regulations to build a network marketing company, that the companies are investigated so they stay on the right side. But NWM is not only a business, its a life style, its personal development, its a HUGE family.

I have been working with sale within retail for 26 years, I have learned, coached and mentored others in sales and store management. I still love the atmosphere in a store and most in a bookstore, the smell of new books, the feeling holding them.

Since February 2015 I am a Network Marketer, I know for sure that I now grown up because I know what I want to do.