Stefan Edefors

Stefan was born in Sweden in 1963. At the age of 3 months his parents went to Africa as missionaries. They lived there for 12 years. Stefan now lives in Uppsala, Sweden and has been married to his wife Christina for 28 years. They have four children and recently welcomed their second grandson.

Stefan has been involved in business for more than twenty years with vast experience covering many areas. Today Stefan is involved in individual leadership training, seminars, motivational events and network marketing.

Stefan has a burning desire to see people have a personal breakthrough, development and success. That desire has sent him around the globe to many different nations, speaking, coaching and helping people. Many times crowds of a 100,000 or more have gathered to hear Stefan preach the message of hope. Over the last years hundreds of thousands have responded to this message and given their testimonials of development and change.

Stefan is also a shareholder and actively involved in "Channel 10" a TV station broadcasting 24/7 to Scandinavia and Europe.

Stefan´s message is evangelistic, faith based and practical. He believes that there will be signs, wonders, miracles and dramatically changes following the Word.