Stefan Helfrich

Bioimage Analyst in Konstanz, Deutschland

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I am currently working as Bioimage Analyst at the Bioimaging Center of the University of Konstanz.

In my position at a light microscopy facility I support users with their image and data analysis tasks. Hence, my research interests cover image processing, computer vision and (who would have guessed...) machine learning approaches.

Also, I got to do what I really enjoy: teaching. I regularly give courses/workshops on basic image processing in cell biology. In addition to the theory, people will learn more about ImageJ as well as KNIME for tackling their image analysis tasks.

In addition to that, I try to improve the tools that I use on a daily basis by contributing code and knowledge on community pages (e.g. ImageJ forum).

In my free time, I can't get enough of TV series of all kinds. While I like to re-iterate on comedy classics like Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother, I am also open to new stuff. Usually people are wondering about the mixture of series I am watching: statistically speaking I am female and somewhere between 18 and 30 years old.

I am as passionate about music as I am about video content. Once I was exclusively into Metal, nowadays this isn't true anymore. I just love good music irregardless of genre. Still, my favorites are punk and hardcore.

  • Work
    • University of Konstanz
  • Education
    • PhD Bioinformatics
    • RWTH Aachen University