Stefan Geis

Physicist and Human in Kassel, Germany

As a physicist, I've explored many concepts of why there is something and not Nothing. Like in the case of many others, e.g. Mr. Wittgenstein, there was no unique answer. However, these explorations allowed staying in many nice parts of the western world for considerable amounts of time. One university got rid of me in exchange for a Ph.D.

I differ by possessions that I do not own like a car or other fossil-fueled devices. Instead, four bikes, an MTB, two Fat-, and a road bike are available in my household.

I see the possession of things as a misunderstanding of my role on this planet. "Things that you own end up owning you" (Tyler Durden). Nevertheless, I once was quite happy to receive papers with funny colors and numbers on them for playing roles like Head of Development or bike messenger.

  • Education
    • PhD Physics
    • MBA
    • SCPM
    • MSc Physics
    • BA Art History