Stefan Luzar

My name is Stefan Luzar. As Managing Director of TMG it's my pleasure to introduce our group to you. TMG was founded in 1999 as a limited company.

- TMG combines LEISURE with MICE - B2C + B2B = TMG
- TMG is an incoming and an outgoing travel agency
- TMG is divided into the following global business units:

- LEISURE TRAVEL | TRAVEL MEDICAL GROUP - TMG combines Travel with Preventive medicine service - (B2C - Groups: Healthcare and wellness travel and treatments)

- LUXURY TRAVEL | SL - Selected Luxury (B2C - Individuals: Board members, CEOs, VPs, Directors)

- BUSINESS TRAVEL | Business Travel PRocurement (B2B - Pharmaceutical / Biotech and Life Science companies, Health Insurances)

- TRAVEL and MICE ePRocurement | (B2B - Association-Management / Medical/Scientific Congresses Management / Venuefinder / Pre- and Post-Tours for Pharmaceutical, Biotec and Life Science Companies: INTERNATIONAL, EUROPEAN and NATIONAL

TMG is also a TRAVEL and MICE ASSOCIATION PLANNER: TMG is the HEAD QUARTER of the Pharma Licensing Club ( Pharma Licensing Club is the professionals' club for business development and licensing in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry in Europe.

The PLCD has more than 540 personal members from all over Europe who regualarly attend national, European and international congresses, events and training courses. The PLCD is a member of the global pharma licensing network (

As we are now expanding our units of Travel / MICE - due to new customers - we are looking for special VENUES for global Meetings, Incentives and Conventions. So we are looking for itineraries and TRAVEL offers for PRE- and POST-tours as well as for boutique and luxury resorts with exclusive social venues.

Our clients are presidents, board members, CEOs, vice presidents and directors of international, European and national organisations and Pharmaceutical / Biotech companies and Healthcare institutions and Health insurances.

We would be very grateful if you could send us information about your products and portfolio to our mailing address (PO Box 190 130, D-53037 Bonn, Germany).

Looking forward to meeting you!