Stefan Mrsevic

Vasto, CH, Italy

Ave! :) My name is Stefan and approximately 22 years ago I was born in little, proud, city Priboj(Republic of Serbia) beneath mighty Bic mountain. Since childhood, as today I have been interested in various areas of life and art. However, my true passions are IT and history (I am thinking how can I mix these two together in future:) ).

Since the magic arcade machines in brightly 90's I have been amazed by electronics in general. I assembled my own Pentium III PC with my father. I loved Windows ME :) . Continuing that passion lead me to my first real job in flowery Italy. Magical country.

Right now I am working as an web application programmer, developing human resource management system for an various clients including the ones like FCA group.

I have a broad knowledge about recent trends in programming and I am looking forward to build my own pet project with some of the new fancy JS languages for Single Page Application development). I have solid base in MS technologies which I admire. These includes C# windows forms desktop and web forms web applications.

I love my work and I really enjoy my current life. I always strive to do my best and to improve the solution I create in best possible way.

If you wish to contact me and perhaps exchange some idea or tip with me you can do that via Contact Me button.

Hope to hear from you people :)


  • Work
    • Blucomfort S.R.L
  • Education
    • Faculty of technical sciences Cacak- B.Sc in Information technology