Stefan Szalay

My roots go back to Hungary, Austria and as well Germany. I was born in Germany and grew up there. Starting during my years of youth, I was always interested in the way human beings live together, how they build up communities and find ways to exchange -

One of the major field of exchange is of course the world of Business, the world of money. That was also one of the major reasons to study in the field of economics.

I started my job career in one of the major player in the economy - in a commercial bank- I was convinced that I am in the heart of action.

Even if it is true, I was looking for more. I was starting to focus on the way how organizations work through processes and develop their Business in a changing environment.

And... I do not have to tell the number of different events shaking up the economy world wide - the fall of internet hype, september 11, financial crisis 2008 just to mention some of them. So it was no wonder to more and more "going on the ground" and evaluate which are the critical factors for a company to survive in a stormy environment.

Like knowing more about different organs and its interactions in a human being allows for a better medication for healing, I truly believe that more decent information about the way a corporation "functions" is the the base to allow to "heal" the wounds of a "shaken" company and help them to become stronger.

So, Process management became a major part in my working life, and ,... I think it will still remain.