Stefan Zimmermann

CEO, Education Enthusiast, 4th Gen. Learn SW in Germany

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Passionate about education in general and about helping teachers and students to find new ways to create student-centred teaching and learning environments, that build students' intrinsic motivation, especially.

Passionate about knowledge sharing, which triggers natural curiosity and creativity of people.

The value of knowledge increases when you share it. Cooperative knowledge work fosters social competence and sharpens the own thinking. Learning in a team cultivates the capacity to act, to lead, and it prepares for the requirements in the job.

Hobbies: martial art, table tennis, acoustic guitar play, people, reading, music

What I like: open minds, people with passion, people who mastered the art of listening with their heart.

What I don't like: talking parrots, inability to listen

What I hate: pre-justice, racism, extremism of any kind.

  • Work
    • COSCICO Technologies Corp.