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In spite of that, the government has taken efforts to bridge the gap between the deprived group and the rest of the country by introducing the OCI card. The idea behind the OCI card would be to make it easier for people from India to relocate to another country like Canada, US, Australia and other Western nations without fulfilling the citizenship requirement. There are several reasons which promote the higher number of people from different countries moving to those countries with the support of all OCI cards. For starters, India offers a fantastic work environment and remuneration in contrast to other nations. Another reason is that the governmental support the Indian government provides to its citizens such as monetary benefits and other social benefits. Some of the other benefits include the residence in a state of your choice for a particular period of time, tax free allowances and the eligibility for government benefits such as pensions, education loans, etc..

In addition to all these advantages, another benefit that OCIs supply to its holder would be your privilege to go to their country of origin with an choice to stay for a stipulated time period. In situations where someone can't enter her or his country of origin due to different reasons, he or she may be permitted to visit India via a passport that is valid. But someone won't have the ability to work or study in India while he or she's on a holiday or visiting his or her country of origin. This is where the OCI comes in handy since it enables its holders to demonstrate that they are citizens of a specific nation even while they are on a vacation in another country.