Stefanie Quade

squadeworld consulting in Berlin, Deutschland

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My passion is to empower people to work together, share experiences and build up on each others ideas!

In the corporate world I work as a consultant, trainer & coach and help people in organizations to find solutions for their digital transformation challenges from strategic thinking to innovations and project management.

Workshop facilitation & trainings: Design Thinking, Project Management, Blended Learning

Current book project: DesignAgility (Schaeffer Poeschel Publishing Q1/2017

Next to this I co-create and research with passionate people in various projects, e.g. converting a blended learning course of study, project design and design thinking for media prototyping.

Speaking at conferences, moderating panels and facilitating science slams and coaching the slammer belongs to one of my favorites.

I teach at various universities in my fields of interest and expertise, mainly in blended learning or complete virtual sessions - always with a research-based and lerner-centered approach .

The International E-Learning Association (IELA) awarded some research pieces of us at the Columbia University in New York in 2012 and 2013.

I love people, interact with different cultures and explore new ways to collaborate!