Stefano Fiorucci

Perugia - Italy

I'm Associate professor @ University of Perugia - Department of Internal Medicine.

Staff physician @ University Hospital of Perugia
Policlinico Santa Maria della Misericordia University Hospital, Perugia.

Reaserch interest:
1. Inflammatory bowel disease, immune mechanisms, clinical and animal models
2. Nitric oxide biology and nitric oxide-based therapies
3. NSAID-induced gastropathy: pathogenesis and clinic
4. Portal hypertension clinical and experimental models
5. Cholestatic disorders of the liver: clinica and experimental

Training: Degree of M.D. University of Perugia, 1981
Fellowship in Gastroenterology, University of Perugia 1985
Fellowip in Internal medicine, University of Perugia 1990
International Fellowhip, Gastrointestinal Unit, South Western Medical School, University of Dallas, TX (USA)1998-1990