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According to the British Consulate, all UK citizens aged eighteen and over who are authorised to go into the country must apply for an Evisa. This includes those taxpayers who are travelling on official vacation, student or business visas. For people who haven't obtained a passport aren't qualified for an Evisa and has to rather present an identity card which can be utilised as proof of age.

When the application is filed, it takes a few weeks for delivery to the applicant's local DVLA office. Otherwise, applicants can opt to collect their visa online. The DVLA site provides step-by-step instructions about how best to complete applications for an Evisa. They supply a listing of authorized vendors and reliable travel agencies offering the service of collecting applications for your British consulate's free online e visa. The British government will email the applicant a verification after a further seven days, confirming receipt of the application form and by signing the date on the signature line provided on the application type.

It is crucial to keep in mind that an application for the British consulate's free online application must be submitted during the time of this webmaster. The site will ask you to supply all appropriate information such as name, nationality, date of birth, address, contact numbers etc.. An email will be sent to the applicant shortly after the submission of the form. The applicant may also have to sign a document confirming their willingness to follow the passport if it's presented at the embassy. It's advisable to collect all documents promptly so as to avoid any flaws while submitting the application form to your own passport.