Stephane Portha


Stephane Portha was pionniers of Internet by creating in 1980 the first news network bases on UUCP, then I was part in the launching of the Minitel in 1983 and then take part in 1995 in the creation of Multicâble (one off the first Internet network on the cable).

But Stephane Portha greatest passion was always the video games which I discovered in 1972 while playing Pong then in 1980 by programming the game Tanks on SharpPC-1211 then ZX81.

With the creation of Eurocenter in 1989, Stephane Portha was able to devote myself to my two great passions : Internet and Games by launching in 1990 Minitel networked games then in 1998 Graalonline, a massively Multiplayer (MO).

In 2007, Eurocenter becomes Eurocenter Games and Stephane Portha as CEO takes part in the launch of the first games on Appstore with Graalonline Zones the first MMO game on Smartphone iOS.

In spite of its 8million games distributed on Appstore, Eurocenter Games remains attached to the values of indies game developer and to the service our playerbase community.

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