Stephanie Kordan

food writer and Photographer in Los Angeles, California

Stephanie Kordan

food writer and Photographer in Los Angeles, California

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A true California girl, Stephanie likes to eat vegan style wherever she can find it: slurping up tofu curry in Thai restaurants, or feasting on Chinese-Taiwanese vegan cuisine in the San Gabriel Valley.

Good vegetarian eats are her thing. You can find her favorite places in Los Angeles by reading her Thrillist article and check out where she would take Chef and TV Host Anthony Bourdain to eat vegan food.

Stephanie creates recipe posts and tempting photos for The Sensual Foodie, her blog since 2011, as well as articles for various publications, such as LAWeekly, Huffington Post, Thrillist, Vice Munchies.

She can show you where to find the best Asian-inspired desserts in all of Los Angeles with her gorgeous photo slideshow for LA Weekly.

A lifelong vegetarian, Stephanie creates plant-based recipes at home. Her food philosophy is rooted in vegetarian cooking in a casual California style (so casual, once she accidentally set her Moosewood Cookbook on fire while cooking).

Stephanie's articles can be found on Huffington Post Taste and Arts & Culture. Read her culinary culture essay #FOOD: Food, Art, and the Pop Culture of Instagram on Matter.

Stephanie appeared on MasterChef as a food critic on "Critics Choice" episode 17, Season 7.

Stephanie is editor and curator of her Instagram-inspired magazine, List du Jour.

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