Stephanie Wilson-Coleman, Ph.D.

Success Mindset Mentor, Public Speaker, and Author in Chicago, Illinois

Featured in UpJourney Online Magazine, Authority Magazine, The Crusader, N’digo Magazine, MetaMonthly Magazine, Dr. Stephanie E. Wilson-Coleman is a Holistic Life Coach turned Executive Coach, author of 4 books, host of the popular podcast, A Sip of Inspiration, and Founder and CEO of The Champagne Connection. ( Dr. Stephanie has an Executive M.B.A from the University of Chicago Booth, Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling, and a Behavioral Finance Certification from Duke University.

Her story is filled with conflict, villains, roadblocks, moral dilemmas, and spiritual awakenings. The Empowerment Doctor is a teenage mother, a survivor of sexual molestation, gang rape, homelessness, and a basal skull fracture.

Dr. Stephanie has the uncanny ability to help others transform obstacles into stepping stones to living their dreams. She has an insatiable appetite for helping others rethink the impossible. Her superpower: Transforming Lives. Teeth-rattling, soul-shaking experiences vaporize at her command.

Let Stephanie help you find the winning strategy in the cards life has dealt.

As she always says “Life is too short to drink cheap champagne. Trust Your Greatness, Embrace Your Power".

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