Stephanie Anderson

One day when Steph leaves this world, she will be known for many things: Imperfect mother. English teacher's wife. Baking a wicked apple crisp. Shopping yet remaining unfashionable. Struggling to discern the line between reality and fantasy on TV shows. Deep thoughts. Peeing a little every time she sneezes or laughs. Laughable housekeeping. Secretly crushing on MacGyver. OBSESSED with Nutella. And being a world-class blogger. Join her as she adventures through blogging, life, marriage, cooking, parenting and bringing sexy back, but not necessarily in that order. You can find her at Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Stephanie loves community. When she started blogging over 5 years ago, it was Steph's intent to reach out to any and every mother of the world, so they would know they were not alone on this journey called Motherhood. Since then, she has successfully (and somewhat humorously) redefined The Modern Day Donna Reed. Her blog has gained a faithful readership who explores parenthood, cooking, learning, growing, watching great TV shows and unabashedly loving the 90's. The Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom blog has a lively and growing Facebook Page where there is a constant chatter.

Steph is passionate about things she loves and is influential when sharing about something she believes in. This comes in handy in her work as a contributer for The Town Dish and their social media management/culinary content house component, Dish Works, as a social media content manager. Through TTD, she has gained experience working with clients such as The Garces Group and Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. She has gained a wealth of knowledge as a copywriter and social media/community manager for a growing list of clients.