Stephanie Chan

Stephanie Chan's mega-geekdom interests in technology and art drove her to become a super-hero! Not being able to pay rent strictly on super-herorics, she also became a comic book colourist, photographer, web & application designer, podcaster and social media wizard. Her prolific nerdy lifestyle brought her to work with such companies like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Western Canada Fashion Week and The Government of Canada. She is a regular moderator at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and also a public speaker and leader in diversity and offers seminars and education in the technology, comic book, or video game industries. Her passion is to help others become internet wise and teaches children and teens about privacy, copyright, harassment, safety and the law. Her talks have become so popular she is now developing ones for parents and general adults as well.

When Stephanie is bored, she is a fashionista, aurora chaser, martial artist, archer, and cookie baker. She is also working on a cook book.