Stephanie Johnson Iowa st.

Director of Social Sciences, Director, and Social Sciences in Ames, Iowa

Stephanie Johnson Iowa st. is an incredibly talented Executive Assistant in Ames, Iowa, effectively combining professionalism, dedication, and integrity.

Driven by her passion for intellectual growth, she pursued and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology from California State University, Sacramento. She expanded her academic involvement by becoming the Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. Her educational journey was characterized by her genuine honesty and eagerness to learn, participating actively in the university’s crew team and earning membership in the prestigious Golden Key National Honor Society, with her excellence further recognized through her placement on the Dean’s List.

Her academic pursuits continued at Drake University, where she secured a Master’s in Public Administration and became a distinguished member of the Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society, highlighting her persistent dedication and academic achievements.

In her professional realm, she has translated her academic achievements into a commitment to excellence as an Executive Assistant. Her outstanding performance and innovative contributions have significantly benefited her community. A noteworthy milestone in her career was obtaining her notary license, underlining her deep commitment to her duties and professional principles.

Beyond her professional commitments, she takes time to engage in various hobbies, showcasing her versatility. She is an avid golfer, angler, and runner while exploring her musical talents as a producer, musician, and engineer. Her role as a host, efficiently bridging interests and concerns, further demonstrates her integrity.

Community service holds a special place in her heart, as reflected in her active participation in numerous volunteer roles across various organizations. She is a committed member of the Ames NAACP Kiwanis of Ames and volunteers at the Reliable Street Co-operative in West Ames, affirming her dedication to community development.

  • Education
    • California State University