Stephanie Rudat

...are the driving forces behind Stephanie Rudat’s every move. She blends an array of eclectic entrepreneurial and life experiences to propel people and projects within her sphere of influence toward a high-impact existence. Stephanie cofounded, a nonprofit empowering the oppressed with effective tech tools & strategies in 2008, and enjoys designing social good campaigns, curriculums for leadership development, and marketing strategies for select organizations. She has consulted social enterprises in fundraising, communications, infrastructure development, and partnerships as well as spoken at innumerable conferences on social responsibility, peace-building, collaboration, social media, altruistic leadership, content curation, and community building. Excelling at facilitating meaningful partnerships, her work has resulted in multi-national private sector, nonprofit, and governmental initiatives strategically designed to accelerate independent efforts.

She is often heard speaking up on human rights issues and strongly believes in the power of Internet access as online access helps people help themselves and has, in turn, nurtured her own interest in learning and staying up-to-speed on local + global challenges. Stephanie has worked extensively in the U.S., Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East and attributes the humbling gift of collaborative learning to her successes. Together, all things are possible.