Stephen Bray

Atakoy - Mugla - Turkey

It's difficult to write about something I know, and feel, everyday. I'm thinking of my identity, my values, skills and things that make me 'tick'.

This frustrates the hell out of some because they want to put me in a box. "Oh, he's a photographer, perhaps he will take a photo for my passport?", or "He's only a photographer, what does he know about anything?"

Of course there are many different kinds of photographer, just as photography enjoys lots of different genres.

When I was involved in an exhibition, a few years ago, a television station referred to me as an 'artist', rather than a photographer. I confess until then I had never thought of myself thus, but now, on reflection I think all photographers have potential to develop an artistic side.

I have learned lots about my true nature by taking photographs, far too much to put in a biography here. For this reason I'm currently writing, and illustrating, a series of books, about photography and consciousness, to be published on Amazon Kindle.

The first is ' Photography and Psychoanalysis '. It was published in May, 2013.

These books dance together, sometimes playfully. But as photography is frequently pressed into distorting awareness in the pursuit of consumerism, they will also reveal how it may be exploited.

Over time, I guess this biography will change. This is the second I published here on

Let me know if you think I may be of service to you, but be warned, I'm a lousy wedding photographer and not much good at expressionless passport photographs either :)

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    • University of London, Institute of Psychiatry