Stephen Bray

Writer, Photographer, and Mentor in Hartland, United Kingdom

Stephen Bray

Writer, Photographer, and Mentor in Hartland, United Kingdom

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Hurray, I’ve just finished the new book. It’s been a bit of a chore because lots of other things have been going on, like migrating continents and earning money.

"RadicalDetox: How to save your life, restore your health, and create a new planet - poses as many questions as it answers, but that’s all to the good.

"Packed with well researched stories, RadicalDetox provides everything needed to envisage the world you were meant to inhabit, and to understand why your current experience may be falling short. It’s never too late to change. This work shows you how to steadily make progress in moving toward a more harmonious lifestyle.

"RadicalDetox starts where other works end because it links these with the ecology and quality of your environment."

You get the message ;)

My two previous books were concerned with awareness in photography.

Photography and Psychoanalysis describes how during the last century propogandists hi-jacked the discipline in the service of mass-persuasion.

Photography and Zen is an account to how Buddhism found its way into photography, and how to use image making to sharpen your impeccability.

An ABC of NLP, a work created with Joseph Sinclair, speaks for itself.

Aside from writing, and making photographs I’m constantly working on projects. At the moment I’m helping a Turkish Entrepreneur to set up a business in Cannes, whilst back at home I’m part of a Home Schooling network.

My wife also has an on-line consulting practice, which I help her to enlarge and maintain.

Life can sometimes really be good, even when it presents challenges :)

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