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Stephen Bray

author, Consultant, and mentor in Hartland, United Kingdom

Stephen Bray

author, Consultant, and mentor in Hartland, United Kingdom

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Stephen Bray, that's me, is the author of Radical Detox which is comprehensive investigation into healthy living. It enables you to avoid the latest diet fads whilst improving your spiritual connection and success in life.

I provide specialised consulting to entrepreneurs running businesses with a turnover of between 750,000 to 5,000,000 Euro.

Stephen Bray & Co also oversees operations for, which is one of the most successful independent online consultancies offering positive psychology to people living overseas.

In Turkey I’m still known for pioneering trainings in Family Therapy and Disaster Management. Together with my wife, and partner, Irem I was awarded the Ozbek Prize in 2003 by The International Association For Group Psychotherapy.

In addition to Radical Detox, I wrote Photography and Psychoanalysis: The evolution of emotional persuasion in image making, and also, Photography and Zen: Discover your true nature through photography.

I published and co-wrote Thrive: 104 Steps To Improve Your Life, Empower Your Family, And Get Beyond Limiting Beliefs, and am also co-author of An ABC of NLP.

I enjoy making photographs, taking long walks, and helping others to understand their true purpose and achieve fulfilling goals.

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