Stephen Jackson

London, United Kingdom.

As preparation for a wasted life, I was trained in Psychology, Logic & Metaphysics. Later they tried to school me as an educator and fine artist. Instead, I had a wonderful time as a writer and digital image-maker who was also lucky enough to work for television.

I suppose I've been author/editor of over a dozen books as well as a journalist whose features appeared in The Independent, Time Out, Sunday Telegraph and leading national magazines. I worked in TV films, one of which won Crystal Prize at the Prague Festival; and I was too graciously flattered by the Head of BBC Music and Arts as 'a writer of the Upper-First Division'.

But it was only in the mid-1990’s that I discovered the magical potential of digital imaging to transform our preconceptions of what we imagine the world to be like. The resulting juxtapositions of my art and poetry have been described as 'fascinating and amazing' by a US novelist. Elsewhere these visuals found acclaim as "hauntingly beautiful": the words as "tight and life-enhancing'"(John Hegley), with a richness comparable to John Donne's.

The memories of my own more somnolent period of reflection from that time (thanks to a long-corrected neuro-chemical imbalance), the fresh revelations of a subsequent sort of rebirth...these offer endless avenues of inquiry as well as new and welcome pleasures.

My latest book, DEAD PEOPLE ON HOLIDAY, is available through Amazon and bookshops. It's been called "visually stunning". Someone even said, "sublime". ISBN 978-1-4500-3968-0. More detail at

It would be lovely now to seek new challenges, fresh collaborative ventures. I'm also a trained photographer with a track record in cultural PR. "Blue-sky"? I'm less head-in-the-clouds than many.

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"Only a few poets succeed in delivering first class prosaic poetry and Stephen Jackson is one of them...Go where no one went before and let his introspective poetry ravish your mind."

- Lena Vanelslander, University of Ghent.

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