Stephen Aase

Me: As one of the few native Portlanders living in PDX it has been fun watching the time pass and the city grow. The creative, techie, organic nature of everyday life continues to inspire and consume me. While it is hard to pry the iPad out of my hands, it only takes the thought of a bike ride to get me moving. 

Do: I currently bring my expertise to Ziba Design, where I am a Visual Interaction Designer. My creative mind goes a mile a minute solving design problems ranging from digital experiences to branding solutions. I love my job and feel like the luckiest person in the world because of it.

Be: I hope I never grow up, never get too old to operate the newest nerdiest thing on the market, never become to old to pedal a bike, and never forget how to live in the moment. It is my pleasure to move through this world giving back whatever I may consume along the way.