Stephen Borgman

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm dedicated to bringing hope and weekly personal growth and development tips to my friends and clients.

As a Generation X'er, I am convinced of the importance of developing a personal and professional brand for today's marketplace. At my Personal Success Factors website, I help you identify your gifts/talents/skills; develop your own personal development plan, and crystallize your brand so that you can lead in your marketplace, whether as an employee or entrepreneur.

I'm a licensed counselor, dedicated blogger, and passionate husband and father. My areas of interest: blogging, counseling personal growth development, dual diagnosis, autism spectrum conditions, ADD/ADHD.

Since I specialize in working with the Autism Spectrum Community, I aim to promote positive social and work strategies for people on the Autism Spectrum at my other blog, Prosper With Aspergers.

I hope to connect with you here and across the net!