Stephen Robinson

Software Engineer and Consultant in New Haven, Connecticut

Steve is a passionate engineer and entrepreneur who loves transforming ideas from concept into reality. He is an innovator and inventor maintaining hands-on knowledge of how to build high quality web, database and native client software, most recently including an outbound recruitment system and the Careers Network RubyNow.

His focus on web application development includes recruiting and leading technical teams developing major applications in Ruby on Rails, Java, and C. For four years he authored the technical architecture and development for a mission critical contract management system for Warren Buffet's NetJets, Inc. He has also led teams of ten plus on multi-year projects for clients in a range of industries. Beyond web technologies he has experience building embedded control systems for mobile robots, a client-server research management application, and authored a patented technology for managing a wireless network community that was subsequently sold at auction.

Steve has deep knowledge of requirements analysis, technology selection, security and scalability and speaks frequently on a variety of technology topics. He hosted a video interview site called Eye & Mind where his guests have included David Heinemeier Hansson, the founder of Ruby on Rails and more recently a podcast called Tech Leaders in Action.

A native of England, he holds a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from a top UK University (Durham). He was subsequently invited to Yale University, CT for a post-doctoral research fellowship. His interest in cognitive neuroscience continues and he maintains a research associate position with the Electrical Engineering department at Yale University. He lives close to New Haven with his wife Melissa and their daughter and son.