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Real Estate Development in Nashville, Tennessee

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Private equity investor Stephen Epstein can be found in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is employed as a board member and investment manager at CA South Development, a real estate development company with its headquarters in the city. Epstein is currently based in Nashville. Epstein was born in San Francisco but moved his family to Nashville because of the city's rapidly expanding real estate market. Epstein has experience in various fields, including publishing and education, in addition to his history in real estate investment and development. He has been involved in the purchase and sale of real estate in Colorado and Florida, but he and his wife Meg now make their home in Nashville. Epstein spends his time away from the office volunteering for charitable causes in his neighborhood and indulging in various pastimes, including traveling the world, sailing, and kiteboarding.

Epstein uses his considerable expertise in the real estate market in his role as an investment manager at CA South. In this role, he is responsible for directing the firm's investment management division and other responsibilities. Epstein has been a part of CA South since 2003, and the goal of the company is to develop properties that are both contemporary and conducive to efficient living. The company has had a tremendous impact on how residents of Nashville and the neighboring areas engage with the communities in which they live. A design aesthetic that the West Coast influences have also been brought to Davidson County by the company, which is a welcome addition to the larger property market in the Southeast of the United States.

Epstein is also connected with Devenir Investments LLC, which has its headquarters in Nashville, in the capacity of an investor. Most of Devenir Investments' efforts are concentrated on the ecosystems of digital assets, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency funds.

In addition to this, Epstein has made financial contributions to charitable organizations such as Applied Scholastics, a reading and literacy program for children, and Truth About Drugs, a non-profit organization that receives support from many Scientologists and frequently receives grants from the International Association of Scientology.

  • Education
    • Investor at Devenir Investments LLC
    • Board Member at CA South