Stephen Hall

Painter and Publisher in Washington, DC

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I just invented a vastly improved canvas stretcher frame for professional artists!

My supports will not warp, expand or contract due to the environment. My design negates torsion or the twisting of the frame due to torque. It’s stronger and lighter than traditional wooden supports. Canvas can be stretched with more tension without staples or tacks. The canvas can be removed and stretched again in the exact same position without any loss of canvas. Further, the canvas can be shipped broken down by the artist to a gallery—lowering shipping costs—and then, reassembled by the gallery in less than ten minutes. No corner keys, corner-bracing or cross-bracing is needed. My supports are recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent (Patent No. 9,108,460 B2) for my reinvented stretcher bar on August 18, 2015.

I am a national, award-winning creative director, art director and painter. Currently, I've launched 2D — a blogazine dedicated to helping fine arts painters to make a comfortable, sustainable living through the sale of their artwork.

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