Stephen Iwerebon

Business Consultant and Chef in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Stephen Iwerebon is an aspiring at-home chef from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Stephen has always been interested in experimenting with different foods and flavors since he was just a young kid.

His parents would often find him in the kitchen testing out new dishes and food combinations. He enjoyed making meals for friends and family for dinner, birthday parties, BBQs, and other special occasions.

Following along with his passions, Stephen's parents set him up in various cooking classes allowing him to learn more about specific techniques and processes while expanding his experience and creativity.

Since then, Stephen Iwerebon has become passionate about the culinary world as a whole. As a home chef, he has enjoyed using as many fresh ingredients as possible from his own garden. Using fruits and vegetables from his garden makes grocery shopping much easier and more cost effective. For Stephen Iwerebon, Gardening is a great way to relax while also being productive.

Adding to his interests in food and cooking, he has also developed a passion for wine and wine sampling. There is no better way to create the perfect meal than to pair it with the perfect wine.

During his college years and beyond, Stephen Iwerebon has had many opportunities to travel through Europe and other beautiful areas across the globe. Through his travels, he has learned a lot about himself and the world around him while also discovering his taste for wine.

While studying abroad in college, Stephen Iwerebon developed a taste for wine and has been an avid wine enthusiast ever since.

Additionally after college, Stephen Iwerebon discovered his passion for gardening. He loves to be able to grow his own fruits and vegetables in the back yard to enhance the satisfaction of cooking his home cooked meals.

Outside of his personal interests, Stephen Iwerebon dedicates his time to enhancing his professional career as a business consultant. As a business consultant Stephen Iwerebon helps businesses grow and develop overcoming unique challenges through customized and innovative strategies. In his work, he loves helping others find success while working in fields they are truly passionate about.

  • Education
    • Pennsylvania State University