Stephen Lisauskas

Experienced in areas of public administration in Andover, Massachusetts

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For over a decade, Stephen Lisauskas has served the public of several municipalities in key city government roles. Prior to his career, Mr. Lisauskas pursued his education at Syracuse University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, graduating magna cum laude with additional honors. Following the completion of his undergraduate education, Stephen Lisauskas earned his Master of Public Administration with a concentration in State and Local Government Finance and Public and Nonprofit Management from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. As a student, Mr. Lisauskas was admitted to The Phi Beta Kappa Society and The Tau Beta Pi Association, an engineering honor society. After graduating, Stephen Lisauskas worked as a Budget Fellow for the New York State Division of the Budget and then as Assistant to the First Deputy Comptroller in the Office of the New York State Comptroller. After this role, he served as Administrative Assistant to the Mayor in the City of Newburyport. He won passage of vital initiatives despite initial unanimous city council opposition, such as a $22.9 million project to extend water and sewer utilities to Plum Island and the completion of a Market Square project under budget. With this experience, Stephen Lisauskas moved on to the larger City of Haverhill, where he performed similar work. His duties included fiscal restructuring and planning. He helped develop a $127 million budget for 2004, which managed to save a substantial number of public employees from layoffs, and restructured the City’s debt. He also won passage of a project to renovate Haverhill High School only weeks after it was rejected by voters, saving accreditation for the school. In 2004, Stephen Lisauskas moved on to work as Deputy Town Administrator for the Town of Natick. In addition to helping plan the town’s finances, he helped resolve challenges involving personnel management and infrastructure decay. Next, Stephen Lisauskas served as Executive Director of the Springfield Finance Control Board. In this role, he oversaw a $643 million budget for a city of 155,000 residents. Mr. Lisauskas applied his past experience to help restructure and manage the City’s finances and generate substantial and recurring budget surpluses during a time of leadership transition. Currently, he works as an Associate at the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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