Stephen Overton

Consultant in Tampa, Florida

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Stephen Overton is an active member of his community and a constant supporter of local and national nonprofit initiatives.

Stephen Overton is motivated to help those who cannot always help themselves-- that's why he is particularly passionate about helping children. He donates to a number of causes which help children in both immediate and longterm ways (e.g. foundations which ease the financial and mental burdens of parents whose children are sick, and extracurricular clubs which help children learn and play). He spends so much time on nonprofits for children because he understands that they are our future, and he is always looking forward.

Stephen Overton is also an avid supporter of nonprofits and shelters which give animals the care and treatment they deserve. After learning about the shortcomings shelters often face, Stephen Overton decided to put his all in funding shelters and local organizations so that they could safely house stray or unwanted pets, and hopefully find them new homes.

An advocate for health and fitness as well, Stephen Overton is active in his local gyms and supports fitness initiatives and the building/repairing of gym buildings. Follow Stephen on Twitter to learn more. Also, please find Stephen Overton on Crunchbase.