Stephen Pierce

As CEO of Stephen Pierce International, Inc. (SPI), headquartered in Texas, Stephen Pierce offers targeted operational planning and Internet marketing solutions. Mr. Pierce manages a portfolio of top-tier Internet services, products, and websites, integrating wealth-generation tools that attract a clientele of corporate marketing professionals, home-based entrepreneurs, and other motivated achievers. An internationally recognized speaker and author, Stephen Pierce regularly appears on nationally syndicated programs on networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX News, American Urban Radio Networks, and NBC. Mr. Pierce has authored books such as Secrets of Creating Wealth, Make Real Money on the Internet, and the audio CD More Money, More Life. He is also fluent in new-media promotional strategies involving e-books, online marketing portals, and webinars. Expelled from high school to learn hard lessons on the street, Stephen Pierce dedicated himself to turning his life around as a businessman. Prior to discovering talents in Internet trading, Mr. Pierce engaged in a succession of failed entrepreneurial ventures that included vending routes, business arbitration, and vinyl repair. On the verge of bankruptcy, he devoted himself to mastering the intricacies of Internet-based systems. He discovered a latent talent for predicting short-term directions in futures and commodities and developed a highly effective trading method. Stephen Pierce began offering daily trade picks and soon gained a base of 1,200 followers of his free service. When some of his subscribers amassed profits of over $750,000 in the course of a year, Stephen Pierce was asked if he would consider teaching others his innovative trading technique. Mr. Pierce saw the value in assisting others and created a fee-based consultancy that generated half a million dollars in revenues in its first year. Since launching his Internet-based marketing platform in 2000, he has taught thousands how to utilize the World Wide Web to generate sustainable profits and launch self-run businesses. Dedicated to bettering the community, Stephen Pierce actively fundraises for worthy organizations around the globe. Stephen Pierce has raised significant amounts of money for Hurricane Katrina emergency relief efforts, Feed The Children, and other charities.