Stephen Pimpare

Writer in New York City

CV Resume

Stephen Pimpare is Professor of Public Policy at Vermont Law and Graduate School.

He is a nationally recognized expert on poverty, homelessness, and U.S. social policy. He has appeared on NPR, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, CBC, Al Jazeera, PRI, Pacifica Radio, and Democracy Now and has given talks at the Urban Institute, Center for American Progress, Yale Divinity School, Harvard Humanist Hub, University of Chicago, Corporation for National and Community Service, the NYC, VT, and NH Chapters of the NASW, and more.

He served as a senior-level administrator for anti-hunger organizations in New York City, and has taught at the City University of New York, NYU, Columbia University, and UNH. His second book, A People's History of Poverty in America, received the Michael Harrington Award from the American Political Science Association “for demonstrating how scholarship can be used in the struggle for a better world.”

His most recent book is Politics for Social Workers: A Practical Guide to Effecting Change (Columbia University Press 2022), which won the 2023 Book Award from the Society for Social Work and Research.

Pimpare is host of the New Books Network’s Public Policy Channel, and a Consulting Editor for the journal Social Work.

He is available for talks and consulting on a variety of politics-, policy- and poverty-related topics.