Steph Habif

I am a behavioral scientist passionate about working with healthcare teams to meet the needs of their people. I lead research & strategy projects to uncover behavioral insights so teams can design products and services consumers will use.

I work with industry partners to:

- Conduct in-depth user research;

- Cultivate human factors insights & behavior design heuristics for persuasive technologies;

- Advise on ways to optimize behavioral engagement;

- Teach interactive behavior design workshops;

- Evangelize "patient friendly" healthcare reforms.

Clients include Whole Foods Market, Aetna Inc., Hot Studio, Otsuka, and RockHealth.

As an academic, I teach courses at Stanford University's -- the consumer mind & behavior design -- know your humans -- and d.compress. I am an affiliate of the Calming Technology & Behavior Design Labs at Stanford.

I evolved professionally by way of a doctorate in health behavior science from Columbia University, a masters in counseling psychology from Springfield College, and a bachelors in psychology & english literature from Washington University in St. Louis.

I live and breathe healthcare.