Sterling Bates

Orlando, FL

Sterling Bates is an interdisciplinary strategist, scientist and mathematician. (And ballroom swing dancer)
Sterling started at Disney in information technology, then moved to business intelligence as the company-wide product manager.
Changing careers and becoming certified in psychological exams, Sterling worked with organizational development and human resources briefly and then spent three years with Disney marketing before becoming independent.
Now on the board of directors for the International Association of Psychological Type (APTi) and as a full time entrepreneur for 4 years Sterling has sold his first business and now founded the business of his dreams, Step Research Corporation.
Sterling also is involved in helping other entrepreneurs with both national organizations and in his local area.

Step Research Corporation is about shortcuts to become smarter about people. The research and development company integrates the power of technology and behavioral science (including psychology, sociology, neuroscience, anthropology, personality, economics, political science, customer research and communication studies) into people’s everyday lives in ways that help them understand themselves and others, enhance communication and interaction, take proactive and positive action with others, encourage self-development and personal progress, and preserve a unique behavioral identify and privacy.

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