Sterling Management


There are few things in this world that are free, but Sterling Management does offer one: a free practice analysis. Sterling CPA advisers as well as dental and chiropractic office advisers are on hand to analyze your business and give you immediate feedback on steps you can take to make your practice better and more profitable.What Do I Learn in a Free Consultation? With a free practice analysis, you learn several important things about your business, including:• How you can set measurable and attainable goals. Do you want to double the amount of money your practice takes in each year? Do you want to cut in half the number of collections you must perform? These are measurable and attainable goals for any practice. The analysis will help you set these types of goals but will individualize them for your company and make them realistic given your current situation.• How you can expand your practice. "Grow or die" is a fairly accurate statement when it comes to business. Are you thinking about how your business can grow, or are you just trying to stay afloat? If you are not growing, this free analysis can identify what is holding you back and how you can create real, measurable growth for your practice.• How much stress are you under? You may be surprised to learn that your practice is actually cutting your life short with undue stress. Then again, you may not be surprised! It is common for stress levels to plummet after a free analysis because suddenly you have a workable plan to move forward and take control of your practice rather than having it control you.• Are your employees productive? It is very common for employees to fool their bosses into thinking they are productive when, in fact, the numbers tell a different story. Do you know if your employees are truly pulling their weight? A practice analysis will tell you. How Can the Practice Analysis Help? The practice analysis can put your practice on the road to recovery. You can learn more about staff issues, finances, location of your office, spousal difficulties that affect your practice, partnership and personal problems and even more.